Just like candy! Thread dyed with colorful dots on white base to appear as Japanese traditional Ten-Kasuri fabric.

Lecien sashiko thread "hidamari" means "sunny spot". 

This sashiko thread brings you a fun, bright, warm and happy experience.  Enjoy for stitching, sewing, mending, knitting, crocheting, knotting, decorating and more!   

There are a total of 40 colors: 20 Solids and 20 Multi-colors (in 4 variations) all on Cosmos/ Lecien winding cones.  Multi-variegated threads are dyed with 4 different colors to create the multi-colored effect.   The gradation threads naturally change colors by repeating long and short color combinations using a special dying method, the appearance of each color varies.

100% premium cotton, Size # 22/6 thread, 32.8 yards/ 30 meters.  Made in Japan.