For the Sashiko enthusiast, this pre-printed panel features 8 different traditional Japanese motifs - Seven Treasures (Shippo-tsunagi), Linked Crosses (Juji-tsunagi), Asanoha, Pampas Grass (Nowaki), Arrows (Yabane), Linked Stars (Kaku-shippo), Clamshell (Seikaiha), and Japanese Weights (Fundo-tsunagi).

The squares are 10 3/4" x 12".  The total panel is 24" x 43".  

PLEASE NOTE - The stitching lines go right to the edge of the panel.  If you need additional stitching areas, you would need to purchase additional panels.

The lines do wash out so do not prewash the panel.   100% cotton  -  Made in Japan.

The pictures have been lightened to show the designs.